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Honeydoe Caterings Website Redesign 

In a 3 week sprint I worked on a team of four for a Syrian catering company named Honeydoe. I worked with them to find a better way to reach a wider audience. We found that through their ability to tell a compelling story they were able to connect with people and build trust. 

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My Process

Stake Holders Needs 

Honeydoe is a family-owned Syrian catering company located in Chicago, Illinois. With authentic recipes by a mother & grandmother collaboration, Honeydoe is introducing the finest Mediterranean food to Chicago.

 I met with the owner of Honeydoe, Anwar, and learned more about his business and goals. I gained insight into his story, where Honeydoe started, and how Anwar hopes it will grow in the future. 

honeydoe logo.png


I began with a screener survey to find potential Honeydoe prospects. I included questions about meal delivery service preferences, age, and asked if users were interested in being contacted directly for an interview


The first round of interview questions was focused on meal delivery services and what users look for when choosing a business. 


Next, I synthesized that research through affinity mapping and gained insights and themes within the responses. Themes I found at this stage included: I want to connect to the business, I support diversity and culture; I support businesses that value their consumers


I began to ideate with the current research and begin my first draft of a prototype. During this phase, I felt that there was deeper information still to be found in the research. I drafted new interviewer questions to gain deeper insights into how people perceived businesses, where trust comes from, and how they connect with a brand. The new themes I drew from this round of research included: Sincere connections elicit delight and enjoyment, contributing to or witnessing something being created increases my affinity for it, I remember the experiences that occur around a meal more than the meal itself.

Final Stages

I then did round 2 of affinity mapping, ideated again and began building our final prototype. Through my research, ideating and testing I began to build out the following new features to Honeydoe’s website on SquareSpace:


1. I updated the homepage to include the business’s personal story as the researched  showed people enjoyed to feel connected to a brand on a personal level. 

2. Additionally, I brought in the business owners scope by incorporating a single meal delivery system into his webpage. I then consolidated his sales section into one web page where he can sell all his items from

3. I created a page that featured one of Honeydoe’s family recipes. This allowed users to engage with the business and learn more about Syrian culture. ​

Our Story.png
Place Order.png

In Conclusion

I built a website that was in line with honeydoes scope and incorporated the needs of the user. This was done through research, synthesizing and testing. This was all done remotely and I learned a great deal on how to work that way.  
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