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Ford Transit Redesign

Here was a product that we already had so I was able to hit the ground running and jump right into customer interviewing. 


Phase One

Once I began down this path I used a persona built by me and stakeholders so we could understand our users and gather users to interview. 

Another tool I used was to look into what our competitors were doing within the space. We gathered some very useful information and were able to apply it into our Journey maps and user flows.  
Camping in Van.jpeg

Phase Two

In order to address all those problems for our users we need to invest in a different line of vans called "The Ford Transit". This van was taller and more configurable to our needs. These vans had a higher clearance on the inside which gave a more spacious feel. Here we were able to help users gain a sense of effortless comfort along their trip. 

I then addressed the question of entertainment. Based on the medium that I was working with I decided to put 32" TV's, a blue ray player, and put a new sound system in the vehicle. There were auxiliary options as well. 




Chicagoland Truck Rental tasked me with expanding the business. After talking with stakeholders we decided that a redesign of some of our products was in order. We decided to start with our line of 15 passenger vans. We felt that there was something lacking and we needed to come at it with a fresh take.  

ford_transit portfolio pic.jpeg

The Double Diamond

As I began to take this project on I decided that the best method to solve this unique problem would be to use the Double Diamond. I chose the Double Diamond because it allows me to focus on a solution and keep the process on track. In my designs I need a roadmap to follow and this process guides me to a solution.
Working Photo.jpeg

Data Interpretation

After gathering a lot of qualitative and quantitative data I began to connect some dots. I noticed that our main users were large groups of people working to connect further by traveling and spending time together. The problem was:
  • They were not comfortable in small vehicles. 
  • They needed to be entertained. 
  • Entertainment had to be accessible for all. 

All these data points needed to be accomplished with consideration of the driver. We needed to make sure the driver would be able to accomplish their responsibilities safely. 
Transit Entertainment .jpeg

In Conclusion

I then decided to validate our design decisions and did some usability tests on the product. We found that we needed more charging ports for the vehicle and that some of them needed to be moved. We also needed to adjust the angle of the TV so passengers in the rear could see it.  
This line of vans was very successful for Chicagoland Truck Rental. Ultimately this project boosted revenue by 13%. There were still some mechanical questions for the van but they were worked out internally. 
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